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Bed Bug Extermination through Thermal Heat Remediation.

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Bed Bug Extermination with Thermal Heat Remediation


303 Bed Bugs specializes in bed bug extermination through the use of thermal heat remediation and pesticide application. We service Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Boulder, Colorado Springs and all of the front range. Our exterminators utilize an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach, a process which includes thermal heat as well as a pesticides to eliminate bed bug infestations in one treatment. With this method we have a 98-99% success rate! In just one day we will “Restore your home and peace of mind”. We are so confident in our process that we offer a 90 day warranty to all customers and a one year warranty to single-family home owners. In addition, the contract states if we need to go back and perform any warranty work on your home, the warranty starts all over again. We are not a fly by night company coming to town for the money then leaving. We are here to stay and serve the Front Range for years to come! We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau where our services have received an ‘A’ rating.

How Thermal Heat Works

The EPA recommends an integrated pest management solution for the eradication of bed bugs that includes thermal heat remediation as well as pesticide application, and that is exactly what we do! Bed bugs along with their eggs will die at a temperature of 120 degrees. Our custom heaters will raise the temperature of your home to over 130 degrees, ensuring that every square inch of your home is treated and every bug and egg is dead. To further ensure that the bugs stay gone, we spray a residual pesticide around the perimeter of infested areas, thereby ensuring you receive the industry’s most effective treatment!

Need help with the preparation work or removing infested furniture from the home? We can do that too! Inquire for more details.

Heat & Pesticide Treatments

The EPA recommends heat and pesticide treatment as the safest and most effective way to eliminate bed bugs.

99% Success Rate

We have a 98-99% success rate when using our Heat & Treat process.

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