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Looking for a bed bug exterminator? 303 Bed Bugs is your best choice for bed bug extermination in Lakewood, Denver, Arvada, Littleton and surrounding areas.  Our technicians have been in the bed bug business in the Denver metro area for over six years and are committed to “Restoring Your Home and Peace of Mind”.

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What We Do


303 Bed Bugs utilizes thermal heat remediation as well as pesticide application to eliminate bedbug infestations. We start with a light residual pesticide, which acts as a barrier against any stragglers that may try to escape. Then, we raise the ambient temperature of your home to 140 degrees. Bed bugs die at 122 degrees after approximately 7 minutes and they die instantly at 140 degrees.

Our combination extermination approach kills all 5 stages of life including egg, nymph and adult. In the majority of cases, there is no need for additional treatments. We can kill your bed bugs in just one day! Get your home back and a restful nights sleep free of anxiety!


Why We Do It


The EPA recommends Heat and Pesticide treatments as the safest and most effective way of eliminating bed bugs. Our process is 98% to 99% successful when our clients follow the preparation procedures we provide to them no matter the level of initial infestation.

We believe you deserve a good night’s sleep, and we know you want the bed bugs gone as soon as possible. Chemical treatments can take upwards of six weeks until the bugs are gone. Let us restore your piece of mind today!


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