Bed Bug Remediation Services

Bed Bug Services


303 Bed Bugs specializes in thermal heat remediation services for the extermination of bed bug infestations. 303 Bed Bugs uses an integrated pest management approach of thermal heat remediation and pesticide application to rid your home or structure of bed bugs. Our process is affordable and over 98% effective. The thermal heat remediation process involves bringing in high-quality radiant heaters and raising the temperature of the structure up to 135 degrees. At this temperature, both bed bugs and their eggs will die – We guarantee it! We service Denver, Lakewood, Boulder, Colorado Springs and all of the Front Range. Plus, we will beat any quote from any other heat remediation company! 


About Bed Bugs


Bed bugs have an unwarranted stigma about them. Having bed bugs has nothing to do with the cleanliness of your home. Bed Bugs are hitchhikers and are attracted to the body heat and carbon dioxide we emit. Bed bugs can live in places like hotels, buses, and luggage where they can hitch a ride to your home. As soon as they are in your house they will start reproducing and within a few weeks you could have an infestation on your hands.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, call today and we’ll do a complete FREE inspection of your home. You’ll receive our full recommendations on how best to eliminate the infestation and return your home and peace of mind. Check out this video if you want to see the thermal heat remediation process in action.

Common Signs of Bed Bug Infestation


The following pictures are signs of bed bugs infestations. In cracks and crevices around your bed or couches, you will often find black ink looking spots (Fecal Matter), bed bug exoskeletons, and actual bed bugs:

Bed Bug Reproduction Facts

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